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Why Use Karen Davies Sugarcraft?

Karen Davies Sugercraft Ltd manufacture and design silicone moulds that are used by both beginners and professionals alike as they are able to achieve constant, perfect results.


Made from certified food grade silicone, our moulds will last you a life time.


Fact! You receive more mould for your money than any of our competitors.


Pioneering designs, giving you perfect outcomes again and again.


Our moulds can also be used in other crafts. The options are endless.


A family business with family values, superior service and delivery.


A phone call or email away to offer help and support.

About Our Sugarpaste

We are the only mould manufacturer to have developed the perfect sugarpaste to work with moulds - making them quick and easy to use! Available in two fabulous flavours! It is also ideal for covering cakes and for modelling figures.

Take your cakes to Tropical climates!

See how our Tropical Leaves mould allows you to make perfect leaves in a matter of seconds!


Karen Davies SugarcraftRead more +11 October 2018 By Karen Davies in Blog

Welcome to Karen Davies Sugarcraft!

We are a small family business that design and manufacture high quality silicone moulds with the belief that cake decorating and sugarcraft should be accessible to anyone!
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An Interview With Karen Davies

Karen Davies is a highly respected UK cake designer, author and qualified teacher who has a world-wide reputation for her distinctive style. Here we ask her how she started cake decorating? What are her must have tools? What are her favourite cakes? And her plans for the future.
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How Did They Make That?!

'Where did they get the idea from'? 'Where did they begin in making that'? and 'I wonder how long that took them'? We interviewed teacher, author and cake artist Christina Ludlam of 'Cakey Bakey Art Sugarcraft School' to ask these probing questions and more!